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🎂 10 March, 2019

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girlfriend's depression
10 March, 2019
⚓︎ i struggle with anxiety and depression every day. journaling, meditation, support groups, anonymous chats like this help a lot when i feel like she does. you just being there matters most

i lost my mom this past april
10 March, 2019
⚓︎ my dad commited suicide which depressed my mom who died a year later after her somkimg burnt our house down. i got sad and overwhelmed every so often like you said. i talked through it and still journal and made a list of things that make me happy so i can go to the list when i need to feel better. coming here is a good step. other people have survived tough things and you are here for a reason. you smille at ppl each day and you share your story when you feel safe and that helps someone else. i also take good days to write myself a letter in my jkurnal that i reread hen i need it. i know you miss her so much. but she is watching you and would not leave you alone even on the other side